The Oxford University Women’s Boat Club exists to encourage healthy, multi-dimensional scholar-athletes to transform their passion for rowing into exceptional athletic performance.

The team is built from trust, a rare individual work ethic, mutual respect and the joy that comes from maximizing the power and spirit of women.

We believe the skills of teamwork and true collaborative learning will empower future graduates as they ascend to international competition and confidently launch successful careers. We aspire to be a source of pride for the University of Oxford, its alumni and supporters

Fixture at Dorney Lake, March 2013.
Guest crew: Cox: Victoria Stulgis, Georgetown; Stroke: Caryn Davies, US Olympian; 7: Katherine Grainger, GB Olympian; 6: Katherine Douglas, Leander & GB Team; 5: Anna Watkins, GB Olympian; 4: Bathan Walters, Reading University; 3 Christiana Amacker, Reading University; 2: Kate Johnson, US Olympian; Bow: Natasha Townsend, GB Olympian