Fours Head of the River 2014 - Two wins and a 2nd place for OUWBC

OUWBC welcomed November with a trip to the Tideway for the Fuller’s Head of the River Fours event. 

This was our first race of the season on the Championship course (albeit in the opposite direction!), allowing us to gain valuable experience as we look forward to racing on the Tideway in April next year.

We entered 3 boats; 2 coxed 4s in the WElite 4+ and an WIM1 quad. The racing crews were:

W Elite 4+ Winners

Caryn Davies (strk) / Nadine Graedel-Iberg / Emily Reynolds / Maddy Badcott (bow) / Erin Wysocki-Jones (cox; alumna)

WElite 4+ 2nd place

Amber De Vere (strk) / Alice Carrington-Windo / Chris Heemskirk / Anastasia Chitty (bow) / Jennifer Ehr (cox)

WIM14x- Winners

Maxie Scheske (strk) / Ruth Siddorn / Lauren Kedar / Caroline Greves (bow)

All three crews were delighted with their finishing positions, with the quad placing a brilliant 1st out of 42 entries in W IM1 4x-, and the two coxed fours were 1st and 2nd respectively in their category. Conditions were largely kind and all crews were un-phased by the busyness of the river, meaning we could concentrate on executing our race plans and finding a strong rhythm. The sun even decided to make an appearance, reflecting the jovial atmosphere of the squad after such a positive and successful racing experience!

WE4+ Winners

WIM1 4x Winners

WE4+ 2nd Place