Trial Eights

Tuesday 9th December saw OUWBC taking over the Tideway at 1:15pm as two of our Eights battled it out along the Championship course from Putney to Chiswick

The Eight named ‘Fantasy’ won the toss and elected to row from the Surrey station, while ‘Real Life’ were on Middlesex. Both crews had their own race plans and tactics and were all eager to race in a similar fashion to April 10th and 11th, when the Newton Women’s Boat Races will occur on the same stretch of river.

‘Real Life’ had a faster start and led by as much as 2/3 a length coming past Craven Cottage, when ‘Fantasy’ started to reel them in, causing the two crews to be almost level coming through Hammersmith Bridge. With the Surrey bend in their favour, it looked like ‘Fantasy’ might be able to continue their recovery, but ‘Real Life’ dug deep and managed to hold them off, never quite surrendering their lead as conditions changed from calm to choppy as a headwind started to take hold. Along the straight by Chiswick Eyot, ‘Real Life’ found some more devastating pace, opening up clear water by Barnes Bridge. Determined to keep it competitive, ‘Fantasy’ didn’t give up and didn’t let ‘Real Life’ keep pulling away, and the winning margin ended up being about 2.5 lengths. Trial Eights was a great opportunity to race on the same tide as the Boat Race, and everyone came off the water having gained valuable experience about the changeable nature of conditions along the course, as well as the intensity of side by side racing for 6.8 kilometres!

Thank you to all the supporters who cheered us on from the various landmarks, as well as our sponsors, who have enabled us to train at such a level that we were able to produce great performances and an exciting race.

OUWBC Trial Eights Winning Crew - 'Real Life'

Crew from Bow - Maxie Scheske, Luci Foote-Short, Katie Davidson, Georgie Daniell, Nadine Graedel Iberg, Emily Reynolds, Maddie Badcott, Lauren Kedar, cox - Ayesha Rasheed.