Henley Women's Regatta Entries

Henley Women's Regatta Entries

For Henley Womens Regatta we have entered a pair of Maddy Badcott and Lauren Kedar, two singles of Elo Luik and Kate Erickson and an Emerging Talent Group 8+. Anastasia Chitty is also competing in the the pair with her partner from her Holland Becker success, Sam Courtey.

The first races are as follows: 

Elo and Kate have time trials at 11:05 on Friday

8+ have time trials at 11:45 on Friday

Maddy and Lauren will be racing at 12:17 on Saturday

Anastasia at 12:25 on Saturday

The race schedule for further days can be found here

Best of luck to all of those competing, and we look forward to seeing some dark blue supporters on the banks!