OUWBC At The Fours Head Of The River

OUWBC had a successful and encouraging weekend on their first foray onto the Tideway, competing at the Fours Head of the River Race. The first Elite 4+ won the category pennant by an impressive 10 seconds, beating Cambridge soundly into 2nd place. The second crew racing in the Elite category put in another creditable performance coming 4th. 

Photo Credit to Rebecca Esselstein

Lower down the experience levels, the IM1 4+ crews came in 2nd and 3rd, separated by only 0.1 seconds (surely a rounding error?!), giving them even more determination for improvement following these very positive results and their desire to be the best!

Sadly, these head races take no prisoners, and when the IM2 4+ crew tried to overtake one of their opponents, confusion reigned in the poor conditions, resulting in a collision and very many lost seconds….. And lessons learnt!

As the squad has found this weekend, the Tideway, with its unpredictable weather, streams and tides can be kind, but it can also be cruel, and they have come away with a greater understanding of what will be required of them on April 2nd.

Elsewhere in the field on Saturday, our alumnae were also bringing home Pennants.  Zoe Lee sculled in the Imperial/Putney Town composite which won Elite 4x, and Brianna Stubbs raced in the Wallingford crew who won the Elite Lightweight quad pennant. Congratulations to them, and apologies to those who we have overlooked – please do get in touch and let us know how you got on.

All in all it was a good weekend for OUWBC who will be next on the Tideway for Trial VIIIs on Wednesday 30th November, where they will be pitched against each other in well-matched crews to battle the Boat Race course in anger for the first time.  Please do join us at Imperial College Boathouse to support and celebrate the 2017 campaign and the current athletes.

Crew Lists

Elite W4+ (winning crew)

B Lauren Kedar

2 Emily Cameron

3 Chloe Laverak

4 Harriet Austin

Cox Ellie Shearer

Elite W4+

B Abi Killen

2 Jess Glennie 

3 Flo Pickles 

4 Jenna Herbert

Cox Jess Buck

IM1 W4+

B Lise du Buisson

2 Becca Te Water Naude

3 Elettra Ardissino

4 Annie Taylor

Cox Tinny Stutter

IM1 W4+

B Alice Manly

2 Kelly Hazejager

3 Beth Bridgman

4 Imo Cowley

Cox Clarissa Coveney

IM2 W4+

B Jenny Tran

2 Grace Clough

3 Alice Roberts

4 Issy Dodds

Cox Sowon Lee