OUWBC past and present gather to attend Sports Federation Awards

Friday 15th November saw both old and new members of the OUWBC join the Oxford University Sports Federation for the 11th Annual Sports Awards, celebrating the success of sporting individuals and squads from Oxford University over the past 12 months.

We were delighted to have been nominated for two awards; the Jaguar Land Rover Team Performance of the Year, and our Head Coach, Christine Wilson, for Coach of the Year. We would like to congratulate Modern Pentathlon and Mark Thomas from OUAC, both of whom were worthy winners of these awards, in particular modern Pentathlon’s record breaking 17 varsity victories in a row.

Spending an evening with other fantastic athletes from across the University was a great reminder of the level of competitive athletics within Oxford, and our shared goal of a victory against Cambridge each academic year. Each Award winner had shown individual passion and drive and a huge commitment to his or her own sport and squad.

One highlight of the evening was most certainly the exuberant cheers that erupted when Sports Federation President Madeleine Sava spoke of the move from Henley to the Tideway for the Women’s Boat Race in 2015. The excitement in the room (and not just from the OUWBC!) was palpable, and was a real testament to the support athletes receive from each others’ teams across the University, and of the importance of, and support for, equality of women across the sporting world.

Congratulations to all of the winners and to the Sports Federation for a fantastic night of great food, worthy winners, and a celebration of success against Cambridge!