Latest news

  • Andy Nelder Head Coach

    OUWBC is delighted to announce Andy Nelder will take on the role of Head Coach for the upcoming Boat Race season with Jamie Kirkwood continuing as Assistant Coach.

    Andy has been coaching in Oxford since September 1997 and has been involved in The Boat Races since autumn 2001 where he was Headf Coach of the Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club (OULRC). Andy then moved to be Assistant Coach at the OUBC where he has worked with Sean Bowden for the past 11 years. 

  • Alumni Boat Race

    Early yesterday morning, a finely honed squad of elite athletes made their way to the Thames for a new class of Boat Race – the Women’s Alumnae Race - against Cambridge in an 8-oared boat. Last year in somewhat different meteorlogical conditions, our OUWBC alumnae coxed four fell to a stronger (and, we suspect, more practiced) Cambridge crew. This year, we were not prepared to accept defeat for a second time! 

  • Newcastle Fixture

    On Sunday 12th March, OUWBC’s Blue Boat and Osiris once again took to the Tideway, this time for our second fixture of the season against Newcastle. Having seen the lovely weather at WEHORR we were hoping for some of the same, however, rain and wind was present instead – preparing us ever further for what may be faced on April 2nd. 

  • Naming the New Boat

    After racing at the Reading University Head on Saturday, the team and many of the support staff, supporters and Committee met up this Sunday for the naming of our new Hudson 8. After a successful history with Hudson, they have provided us with yet another outstanding shell, supporting us in our quest for a win at the 2017 CRUK Boat Races. 

  • Reading Head Race

    On Saturday, 4th March, downstream from our normal stretch of Thames at Wallingford, OUWBC’s two provisional boat race crews raced at Reading University Head. This event takes place every year over a 4.6km course. 

    Taking part in the afternoon division, OUWBC entered the provisional Blue Boat and Osiris line ups into the Women’s Elite 8+ category. Heading off 183rd and 186th respectively, the unfamiliar stretch of river threw both completely flat and blustery water at us, preparing us for potential conditions we may face on April 2nd. 

  • Brookes Fixture

    On Sunday 19th February, OUWBC took to the water on a fortunately mild and calm day for 

    their fixture against Oxford Brookes. Our provisional Blue Boat raced Brookes’ first eight in 

    two pieces on the Boat Race course, one from the start to Hammersmith Bridge and one 

    from Harrods Wall to the Bandstand whilst Osiris raced the same pieces against the 

    Brookes’ second eight. This was our first time racing on the Tideway since trial eights in 


  • Training Camp

    While most of our peers were getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve, the girls from OUW saw off 2016 with a sickening early flight to Italy, for our annual training camp in Sabaudia. The 3.30am start meant that we arrived with plenty of time to rig the boats and set out for our first row, enjoying the sunshine and flat water that was to last for a few more days of our visit.

  • Team trip to Suffolk

    With Trial Eights behind us, OUWBC took a quick break from training to travel to Suffolk for a few days of relaxing, bonding as a squad and learning more about our generous sponsors, Adnams, who are based in Southwold. 

  • OUWBC Trial 8s 2016 Report

    On the 30th of November we boated two matched 8s for the Annual Trial 8’s Fixture.

    Trial 8s gives us the opportunity to race against each other in a competitive environment down the whole Boat Race Course. Trial 8s is great racing practice and lets ourselves and the coaches learn more about each other as athletes, the course, the pain that comes with such a long race and everything else the tideway has to offer! 

    The Race did not let us down, the crews were separated by 2 feet (0.7) of a second at the finish line after a gruelling 6.8k!

  • OUWBC had a successful and encouraging weekend on their first foray onto the Tideway, competing at the Fours Head of the River Race. The first Elite 4+ won the category pennant by an impressive 10 seconds, beating Cambridge soundly into 2nd place. The second crew racing in the Elite category put in another creditable performance coming 4th.